What about another form of tasting ?

Step 1 :Discovering the primary nose

  • The wine glass and sparkling wine glass enable you to discover light, fresh fruits and floral aromas.
  • The spirits glass enables discovery of primary aromas together with the alcohol for strong alcoholic drinks.

Step 2 :Putting it into action

Turn the glass to swirl the liquid around. Thanks to the dome the wine adheres to the glass and allows all of the layered wine aromas to express themselves and mix together.

  • The sparkling wine glass with its 30 spurs encourages the release of bubbles.
  • The spirits glass attenuates the alcohol to enable the expression of the aromatic range, for example of peat in a whiskey.

Smell : after swirling the second nose will discover a wonderful aromatic intensity.

Step 3 :Tasting

In the mouth the aromas are better expressed and more typoical with a longer final.

Do you want to try the Helicium tasting technique ?