Helicium, l'ouverture des sens

Welcome to the online shop of wine-tasting glasses Helicium

Each glass has been carefully designed to bring out the best virtues of its contents.

Helicium promotes aromas better than any other type of glass.


Helicium rediscovers the timeless elegance, finesse and brilliance of a glasswork instrument.

“I developed this glass with the advice and help of professionals. I would now like it to find its place in the everyday life of the general public.”

Box of 2 wine glasses 53cl

NEWGift box 
This box contains two Helicium glasses 53cl

The innovation Helicium

  • Asymetric blades for an which allows a homogeneous exchange and blending between glass and wine, without degrade it
  • The central dome, convex-shaped, lets the win adhere perfectly to the internal wall of the glass.

What about another form of tasting ?

  • Discovering the primary nose
  • Putting it into action
  • Tasting

Helicium upcoming events

December 21th, 2016

Arnaud Baratte, the designer of Helicium will be present at Vinovalie, Cave de Fronton on Wednesday December 21th from 4pm. During the evening, you can enjoy from 10% for any purchase on wines and Helicium glasses. Offer exceptional, for any purchase of 5 glasses, the 6th is offered.